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Capitalizing on Organic Marketing & Trusting Your Data with Schomp Automotive

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    Join us in this webinar focusing on the transformative power of call tracking in enhancing brand marketing and growing organic traffic. Car Wars’ Hayden Baechle, Client Success Manager, and Jordan Patterson, Sales Director, collaborate with George Lawton, Marketing Operations Manager at Schomp Automotive Group & Hive Analytics, to discover how to leverage clean data and innovative tracking technologies to optimize their marketing strategies.

    These experts will delve into actionable methods for boosting brand recognition, driving unpaid social engagement, and increasing organic website traffic. Learn the critical role of accurate data in measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and how Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) can bridge the visibility gaps in your organic traffic metrics. Engage with us in a lively discussion and Q&A session, where we’ll share real-world examples and offer practical tips to help you elevate your dealership’s marketing efforts and drive tangible results. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take your dealership’s performance to the next level!

    Key Learning Objectives:

    • Uncover proven methods to boost brand recognition, drive unpaid social engagement, and increase organic website traffic.
    • Gain understanding on how clean data and innovative tracking technologies, including Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), play a crucial role in measuring key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimizing marketing strategies.
    • Explore valuable insights and actionable tips derived from real-world examples, enabling you to elevate your dealership’s marketing efforts and achieve tangible results.


    Jordan Patterson
    Sales Director, Car Wars

    Jordan has spent the past eight years at Car Wars helping dealers, across the country, improve their bottom line with better phone processes. He received his undergraduate at Dallas Baptist University where he met and married his wife, Kaitlin. They have two boys, Davis & Silas. He continues to passionately address the status quo of dealership phone handling and helps automotive leaders achieve the results they really want.

    Hayden Baechle
    Client Success Consultant, Car Wars

    Since joining Car Wars in August 2021, Hayden Baechle has been dedicated to helping dealers maximize the value of Car Wars. Leveraging his skills in account management, communication, customer experience, and relationship building, Hayden ensures client success. An Oklahoma State University Marketing and Entrepreneurship alumnus, Hayden uses his expertise to drive exceptional results for our clients.

    George Lawton
    Marketing Operations Manager, Schomp Automotive Group & Hive Analytics

    George began his career in the Automotive Industry in 2007 and has filled roles in sales, management, operations, and marketing. His well-rounded experience in the field has provided him with unique insights into understanding cause-and-effect trends that directly affect the overall industry. George naturally looks at the word holistically; his passion for data analysis and causality have been catalysts in creating systems and processes that improve KPIs and boost success metrics. Outside the office, George enjoys studying philosophy and astronomy, spending time outdoors with his wife and two doodles, and he’s likely wearing stylish socks.