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Digital Dealer

Your Unfair Advantage

Our insights and the people behind them deliver you an unfair advantage with access to the latest thinking, tools and technology

Digital Dealer’s unfair advantage can be attributed to years of real experience and expertise gained internationally and locally in diverse business, marketing, technology and design projects — and in the automotive industry specifically from 2012 onwards. As a result, Digital Dealer has acquired an in-depth comprehension of the critical elements required to establish trust with customers online, enhance brand recognition, and generate high-quality leads for less. Thanks to our exceptional people, we have successfully achieved record-breaking results for Dealers and OEMs. Our track record of success speaks for itself.

our philosophy is centred around natural curiosity, a firm dedication to deep thinking and serious data analysis.

Detailed insights into crucial success metrics via an easy-to-use dashboard deliver highlights and a single source of truth. Website traffic, social media engagement, UI/UX, and more, integrates seamlessly and empower our clients allowing them to make informed decisions and continually test, learn, and evolve within their online environments.

the true advantage that clients receive from engaging with us is not only our advanced technology but also the exceptional people who drive it.

Our team of dedicated professionals comes from various backgrounds, including Silicon Valley, dealer retail multinational design agencies, and automotive OEM. We provide clients with outstanding customer service and are always available to answer questions and offer support. This level of care and attention to detail gives clients peace of mind, as they know they are partnering with a company that possesses not only cutting-edge technology and expertise but also a genuine interest in their success.

And when you combine advanced technology with an advanced understanding of the automotive industry Digital Dealer continually delivers an unfair advantage to its clients by helping them achieve the key tenets of its philosophy on how brands grow: being distinctive, reaching as many potential customers as possible, understanding customer behavior through data, and delivering exceptional services that go beyond customer expectations. By working with Digital Dealer, OEMs, Dealer Groups, and Independent retailers can stand out in a cluttered market and achieve long-term growth.

Our Promise

For OEMs, Dealers and their Customers to have better digital experiences

Our Story

We’ve been delivering seriously good solutions that just work, for less


Our insights and the people behind them deliver you an unfair advantage with access to the latest thinking, tools and technology

Customer Experience

At the core of everything we do is to engage audiences in a meaningful way to deliver qualified leads for less

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The relentless pursuit of innovation, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new industry standards

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Cutting-edge solutions

Offering state-of-the-art solutions that leverage the latest advancements in technology, providing clients with a competitive edge

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Scalable and adaptable

Excelling in creating scalable and adaptable solutions that can seamlessly grow and evolve with the needs and demands of our clients

Exceptional user experience

Prioritising delivering exceptional user experiences through intuitive interfaces, seamless interactions, and user-centric design, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement

  • Value
  • Passion for Design
    • We believe in designing for behaviours rather than demographics in order to deliver a seamless and intuitive user experience. By first understanding how users interact with our products and services.
  • Belief
  • Think like Customers
    • We believe the best websites start with the needs of our customers and have the greatest minds across the globe working tirelessly to ensure our delivery is always on time and on budget.
  • Request a Demo
  • Promise
  • Do our homework
    • We continually test, learn, evolve and when we fail do it fast. For every iteration is conducted with purpose to help bring tomorrow’s technology to you today.

What We Deliver

Clients that combine our services win more business more often, and leading Dealer Principals and Marketing Managers say they chose Digital Dealer for our fresh approach and innovation that we bring to the automotive industry and continually find new ways to generate better results.

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